Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A bunch of drawing

If the blog even gets any visitors, I'm gonna start posting my drawings here. Some are a little old, some are new. I'm not really gonna say cause it will be to tedious to say when what was done. But I'll try to post them in order.

Now this last one I'm gonna post, it's not really an original, but I saw this rabbit on one of Rex Hackelberg's doodles. I thought it look cool, so I decided to do my own version of it. I even gave him a name. It 's not that great (a few mess ups) but hey, I'm not that great at drawing either.
Well, that's it for now. I'll post again when I get done being lazy and decide to do more drawings.

1 comment:

benj said...

You should draw the PBlair drawings following the exact steps that are shown in the book, instead of drawing straight ahead and it will really accelerate your progress.

Learn to draw the shape of the head (in 3d) first, add guidelines and than add the features (eyes, nose...etc..) following those guidelines.

I'm sure you probably already know it & heard it before... but you really need to put it in pratice in your drawings, it really helps. You should not add the guidelines after the drawing is finished neither.

I hope I make sense (I speak french, so my english isn't perfect, y'know) and I hope I didn't sound too harsh.