Sunday, March 11, 2007

My first post!

Hello there every one. My name is Slash Halen, and I have finnaly come in possesion of a scanner. Now I can finnaly post my drawings.

I've been taking John K's lessons for about a month now, but I've had no scanner. Well now I have one, and I'm ready to share my work.

This one is about 1 month old. So naturally, it's not that great. But concidering the fact that I used to suck at drawing before this picture, and how this looks, I think I did a good job. There not as good as the Preston Blaire drawings, but that will take a while for me to do.

This one is also about a month old, and it was very fun to do. The bottum one is the best, in my opinion.
This one is also about a month old. The head is a tad small, and he should be leaned over more. But other then that, I like it.

Some of the images I'll upload might not come out so well. The scanner is good, but some of the pictures seem to come out a little whiter then they should. Oh well.

Well, there is the fist bunch. I actually have a lot more, I just don't want to upload them right now. But later.

See ya.

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